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Usability Checklist


  • Rounded Corners and Edges (Comfortable Handling)
  • Handle (Intuitive Carrying)
  • Grab Points (Non-Slip Lifting)
  • Low Thermal Conductivity (Warm Handling)
  • Tactile Response (Input-Detect Confirmation)


  • Left-to-Right Sequence (Observe/Interact)
  • Top-to-Bottom Sequence (Observe/Interact)

Edge Cases

  • Rolling Stopper (Recovery from Fall on Angled Surface)
  • Distinct Color relative to Application Environments (Detection)

Ease of Cleaning

  • Smooth Surfaces
  • Hand-Fitting Internal Volumes
  • Compatible with Water Immersion and Spray
  • Minimal Contact with Floor
  • Non-Magnetic Exterior
  • Non-Adhesive Exterior
  • Cleaning-Chemical-Compatible Exterior

Ease of Maintenance

  • Problem Warning Signal
  • Maintenance Reminder Signal
  • Maintenance Guiding Signal
  • Graceful Failure Process
  • First-to-Fail Points are Easy-to-Replace
  • On-Part Identifying Sticker/Engraving (Company Name, Part Number, Serial Number)
  • Spare-Parts Inside the Product


  • Parallel Surfaces (Grip-Mounting)
  • Hole (Screw or Cord)

Impaired and Constrained Use

  • One Handed Use
  • Low-Tactile-Sense Use
  • Color-Blind Use
  • Blind Use
  • Deaf Use
  • Long-Distance Use
  • Awkward-Angle Use

Compact Operation

  • Stackable Storage
  • Stackable Operation
  • Stands Upright Independently
  • Fits Through Door
  • Fits In Car

Extra Functionality

  • Table Function (Large Flat Top)
  • Floor Weight (High-Traction, High-Weight)
  • Step-Stool (Small Flat Top, High-Stability)