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Update Date: 2021-03-25

Version: Alpha 0.2 (work in progress)


Welcome to the Official Guidebolt Knowledge-Base.

This is a free, public information resource for your benefit.

This is a fraction of our private records based on our experience as a company.

We want to teach you the efficient truth with a technical focus for you to understand the world and get things done, correctly-quickly-consistently.

The Efficient Truth

Information drives every thought, decision, and action. In our increasingly complex world where logic and trust are hard to weave confidently, it is easy to be misled by noise, incur unknown risks, and waste valuable resources. Truth is the fundamental solution.

You live in a specific situation with limited abilities and possibilities. Ideally, you map your best intent to the best path, then you take the best action to align reality with your intended future. In practice, you are heavily constrained by imperfect knowledge and limited thinking skills (ex. reading speed) in a world full of wrong ideas and irrelevant truths that can derail your pursuit of better knowledge for a better solution. Therefore, you want truths that are relevant; personalized for your situation/intent/path. Truths that are delivered concisely; personalized to your learning-curve for best speed and depth. Truths that you receive at the best timing; personalized for your schedule of learn-to-prepare and learn-while-doing. This is the efficient truth and it is the guiding solution.

Quick Start

The personal computer is a key tool for everyone in the modern age. You want to know your options.


Explicit Recommendations

Throughout this resource, we explicitly write "recommend" and "strongly recommend" for what meets and exceeds our standard of resilient value after basic and thorough evaluation. We know the tool/part/material selection process can be extremely time-consuming and mistake-expensive. Rely on us to guide your procurement process through clear and confident suggestions for proven quality.


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