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Last Updated: 2020-09-05

Version: Alpha (work in progress)

Welcome to the Official Guidebolt Knowledge-Base. This is a free, publicly accessible information resource for your benefit. It contains a small fraction of our private records based on our experience as a company. It purposes to teach the efficient truth with a technical focus for you to understand the world accurately and get things done correctly.

PREPARATION: Knowledge that you learn once and remember long-term as context and skills.


REFERENCE: Knowledge that you repeatedly access on-demand as required to complete tasks.


SUPPLY: External entities (individuals, companies, systems) providing products and services.

TOOLS: Technologies to enhance the interactive power of your local system.

Our confident suggestions are explicitly labeled "recommended" and "strongly recommended", for what meets and exceeds our standard of resilient value after thorough evaluation. We understand how time-consuming and mistake-expensive the selection process can be. Rely on us to guide your procurement of quality tools, parts, and materials.


SYSTEM: The state of the world with past-present-future perspective.

META: About knowledge, learning, and the thinking process.

We highly value meta-learning to improve the quality and speed of critical thinking with excellent versatility.



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