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Last Updated: 2020-10-05

Version: Alpha (work in progress)

Welcome to the Official Guidebolt Knowledge-Base.

This is a free, public information resource for your benefit.

It contains a small fraction of our private records based on our experience as a company.

It purposes to teach the efficient truth with a technical focus for you to understand the world accurately and get things done correctly.

Guidebolt Public Resources

Main Website

Knowledge Base

The Power of Information

Information drives every thought, decision, and action. In our increasingly complex world where logic and trust are hard to weave confidently, it is easy to be misled by noise, incur unknown risks, and waste valuable resources. Truth is the fundamental solution.


Rational Confidence, the skill of setting and adjusting one's confidence to be proportional to one's correctness.

Efficient Completion of Good Truths, the skill of quickly gathering the minimum set of positive-marginal-value truths required to guide the current understanding to the best possible decision.

Flow Organization of All Available Ideas, the skill of preparing access/consideration paths to all known-and-unknown ideas, to improve the speed and quality of one's long-term idea-thinking-sequence.

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General Principles

Knowledge Theory

The Power of Tools

Tools enhance the interactive speed and versatility of your local system.


Explicit Recommendations, clear and confident suggestions that can be trusted (based on the dependability of the source) to save time or at least establish a first-option for absolute and comparative evaluation.

In this resource, we explicitly "recommend" and "strongly recommend" what meets and exceeds our standard of resilient value after basic and thorough evaluation. We know the tool/part/material selection process can be extremely time-consuming and mistake-expensive. Rely on us to guide your procurement process for proven quality.

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Computer Workstation

META: The theory of knowledge.

TOOLS: The tools, parts, materials that we use.

SUPPLY: External organizations (individuals, companies, systems) providing products and services.

SYSTEM: The state of the world with past-present-future perspective.

FLOW: The knowledge for understanding, planning, and doing.


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For more general feedback, email us at: [email protected]

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