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Electrical Workstation



  • Soldering Station: PACE, 8007-0579 (ADS200 Accudrive with Instant Setback Cubby) (120W, Thermal Tips)
  • Fume Extractor: PACE, 8889-0150-P1 (ARM-EVAC 150 with SteadyFlex Arm and Nozzle Assembly)
  • Hot Air Rework Station: QUICK, 861DW (Dual-Unit, as recommended by EEVlog and Louis Rossman)
  • Work Holder: ALPHIDIA, Quadhands Jumbo Workbench (Powder-coated Steel, Magnetic-Base Flex-Holders)


  • Soldering Wire: KESTER, 268 Series (Lead Free, Halogen Free, No-Clean)