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Official Guidebolt General Design Standard


Standard: English

NATO Phonetic Alphabet, Wikipedia

Keyboard Layout

Standard: QWERTY

Keyboard Layout, Wikipedia

Unit System

Standard: METRIC

International System of Units, Wikipedia

Importance: HIGH

Date-Time Format

Standard: ISO-8601

ISO 8601, Wikipedia

Date Example: 2020-12-31

Time Example: T21:30:11

Combined Example: 2020-12-31T21:30:11

Importance: HIGH

Consistent communication of datetime can save lives. Example, expiry-labels for food that spoils easily and dangerously.

Logic: ISO-8601 is practical and intuitive. It starts with the most useful idea (YEAR) for most applications. It has linear progression of granularity (YEAR then MONTH then DAY then HOUR...). It uses the symbol T, shorthand for time, to clearly separate date from time.