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REV: 2020-12-15

Slider Bags

STANDARD: Transparent Slider Bags


Bags offer excellent space and weight efficiency. Transparent bags offer observation convenience. Reclosable bags offer sealing; slider bags are the best for fast open-close and seal reliability.

SIZE: 8in X 7in

This fits a hand easily. The size is optimized for fast-access to small items.

SIZE: 6.5in X 6in

This fits a hand partially. The size is balanced between compactness and fast-access.

SIZE: 16in X 12in

This size is intended to fit several smaller bags for categorized organization. This size fits inside a typical large plastic/kraft storage box.


  • DiscountPlasticBags

We started buying HEFTY slider bags from ULINE and testing other sources for quality and pricing.

Portable Label Printer

A label printer offers custom text stickers for attaching high-value info with fast convenience, consistent clarity, and label durability.




Reliable, long run-time, standard AA batteries.

Mailer Boxes

Boxes offer good stackability and hard shell protection as a low-cost rigid part container. Mailer boxes add quick, tool-free reclosable convenience.

Hard Cases

NANUK - Product Info

Hard Organizer

MILWAUKEE, Packout Series - Product Info

Hard frame organizers are faster to see and access than individual bags. Prefer organizers with removable subcontainers for ease of parts transfer. We recommend the packout series for its sturdy single-frame construction, convenient latching stackability, and ergonomic primary latches.