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Tools, Mechanical

Hand Tools

Screwdriver: PICQUIC, Super 8 Plus (durable, friction-fit bit compartment, magnetic bit holder) (recommended)

Retractable Utility Knife: STANLEY, Classic 99 (retractable blade, all-metal, spare blade compartment) (recommended)

Straight Scissors: MILWAUKEE, Jobsite Series, 48-22-4041 (recommended)

Offset Scissors: MILWAUKEE, Jobsite Series, 48-22-4040 (recommended)

Tongue-and-Groove Pliers: CHANNELLOCK

Slip-Joint Pliers: CHANNELLOCK

Cutting Pliers: CHANNELLOCK

Linemen Pliers: CHANNELLOCK

Long Nose Pliers: CHANNELLOCK

Long Reach Pliers: CHANNELLOCK

Crimping Pliers: CHANNELLOCK

Drill Bits

Metric Drill Bit Set, 1mm to 13mm (cobalt steel, 0.5mm increments)

Metric Drill Bit Set, 6mm to 10mm (cobalt steel, 0.1mm increments)

Metric Drill Bit Set, 1mm to 6mm (black-oxide high-speed steel, 0.1mm increments)

Driving Bits

Metric Hex Key Set

Imperial Hex Key Set

Industrial Screwdriver Bit Set: VEGA, VHS100A (S2 Steel, 100-piece)

Ball-End Metric Hexbit Set (for power tools)

Quick-Release Hexbit-Holder (for power tools)

Tap Bits

Sets (taper, plug, bottoming):

  • M1.6x0.35
  • M2x0.4
  • M2.5x0.45
  • M3x0.5
  • M4x0.7
  • M5x0.8
  • M6x1
  • M8x1.25
  • M10x1.5
  • M12x1.75


Digital Calipers (Primary): MITUTOYO, 500-752-20 (Dual-Unit, Digital, IP67, 1X SR44 battery) - Product Info

Vernier Calipers (Backup): MITUTOYO, 530-312 (Dual-Unit, Mechanical) - Product Info

Weight Scale: OHAUS, NVT22000 (22kg capacity. 4X overload protection. 1g accuracy. 4X C batteries or 4X AA batteries with adapters) - Product Info


FENIX, HT18 (recommended)

  • 1500 lumen max, 4 brightness modes plus strobe, 60hr low-mode run-time
  • Standard 21700 lithium-ion battery with integrated USB-C charging port
  • IP68 water-proof to 2m, aluminum-frame impact-proof to 1m